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Pur Projet
Pur Projet
Green Fingers
If you ask us, there’s no such thing as too many coconuts. So, working alongside Pur Projet, we plant thousands of coconut trees every year for free to help our farmers in Southeast Asia grow and harvest a bumper crop of always delicious coconuts.
A world of good
Our aim is to regenerate the fragile ecosystems that our planet depends on, as well as help educate local communities on how to get the most from all that their natural environment has to offer. By working together, we can ensure we do good by our planet as well as by its people.
Pur Projet
Pur Projet
Sow the seeds of change
Here’s how it works: we give coconut seedlings to farmers from the Philippines and North Bali. These locals farmers then plant them and boom – 5 years later they’ve got a tree loaded with coconuts. They’re then free to sell them at markets or use them to feed their family or farmyard animals.