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Cinnamon Bun Rolls
Cinnamon Bun Rolls
  1. Makes 10
  • Dough
  • 250ml almond milk 
  • 50g vegan butter
  • 1 packet (7g) dried yeast 
  • 75g coconut sugar 
  • 1/2 tsp salt 
  • 1tsp cinnamon powder 
  • 450g flour 
  • Filling
  • 25g vegan butter (melted) 
  • 80g coconut sugar 
  • 2tsp cinnamon powder 
  • 100g raisins 
  • Walnuts 
  • Glaze 
  • 70g vegan butter 
  • 100g coconut sugar 
  • Handful chopped pecans
  • Icing 
  • 1 pot TCC natural yogurt 
  • 100g soaked cashews 
  • 2 tbsp maple syrup 
  • 1tsp vanilla extract  



Step 1: 

1. Heat milk and butter in pan until butter is melted and mixture is lukewarm. 

2. Remove from heat and let cool slightly – add in yeast (let activate for 10 minutes) then add in sugar and salt. 



3. Place flour, salt, in a bowl and stir until combined, make a well in centre of flour and pour in the milk and stir until the mixture comes together as a soft dough.

4. Tip dough onto a floured surface and kneed for 5 minutes until dough is smooth and elastic.



5. Place in a clean bowl, cover with cling film and leave to rise in a warm place for 1 hour or until doubled in size.



Step 2: 

1. Prepare glaze – mix butter and brown/coconut sugar together and spread evenly on a baking tray. 



2. Roll out dough into a rectangle (30cm x 20cm). 



3. Brush with melted butter and evenly sprinkle coconut sugar and raisins.



4. Tightly roll on the long side and cut into 10 even slices (4cm).



5. Place onto tray and bake for 25-30mins – leave 1cm between each bun.



6. Blitz all icing ingredients together and drizzle on top of buns.