our ingredients

How we choose our ingredients

Great tasting yogs and desserts are a must for us, that’s why we take care in selecting ingredients that are not only natural and delicious, but also sustainably sourced.

We take pride in our strict supplier vetting processes, ensuring that we are putting the planet first!

Strict Supplier Vetting
All of our suppliers are assessed through SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit), ensuring compliance with their standards of labour, health and safety, environment and business ethics.

No Monkey Business
We want to assure our customers that we never use monkeys or animals in our supply chain. We would never source coconuts from farms that use monkeys, and we are proud to have a strict supplier vetting process in place, with a strong emphasis on animal welfare.

Non GMO Certified
We only buy non GMO ingredients from approved suppliers who have GMO Free Certificates. In addition, most of our products have been non GMO Project verified, audited & certified.

Carbon Footprint
We are currently assessing and quantifying our carbon footprint. Stay tuned for more info soon.

No Palm Oil
We never use Palm Oil as an ingredient in our yogs and desserts.

Our Coconuts

We source our coconuts from the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, and are proud to have built strong relationships with our suppliers, allowing us to trace our coconuts right back to the source. We always screen and audit our suppliers for both environmental and social parameters.

Our coconut ingredients are then transported by sea freight, which has the lowest carbon footprint way.

How we make our products

Fermented with Live Cultures
We make our yogs the traditional way (like a dairy yog) by fermenting it with live cultures. The difference is, our cultures are vegan.

No Added Sugar
None of our yogs contain any added sugar, and what's more, coconuts are naturally low in sugar too!

No Added Water
Unlike many other dairy-free yogs on the market, we would never dilute our yogs with water.

No Heavy Stabilisers
Our yogs are made of over 95% coconut, so we do not need to use heavy stabilisers. Instead, we use pectin and other natural starches that are derived from cereals and fruits.

What makes our yogs to special?

Natural Coconut Yog

Our yogs need a littLe extra CARE

Having such a natural product is amazing, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. However, it does mean that since our yogs are +90% coconut, made with live cultures and without heavy stabilisers, our yogs need a little extra care to ensure they remain as thick and creamy as they should be.

What temperature should I store my yog at?

- Please store your yogs between 4-7 ̊C, at the front of the fridge!

- If our yogs get too cold and/or are submitted to temperature oscillations at any point across the supply chain, it might create the right conditions for the texture and taste of the products to be affected. This is because our yogs are naturally fermented with Live Cultures and without the addition of heavy stabilisers; therefore, the overall organoleptic characteristics of the yogs can be easily impacted.

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