Our Sustainability

Pur Projet

We’re on a mission to support the fragile ecosystems we rely on for our tasty ingredients through planting trees across South-East Asia.

Since 2015, we have supported Pur Projet in planting over 20,000 trees in Pejarakan, Bali. Not only planting Coconut Palms (Cocos Nucifera), which we, of course, use in all our delicious goodies, but a range of planting including species such as Gemelina Arborea Timber, Chinese Albizia Legume and Ingidogera Legume.


Our reforestation planting uses agroforestry techniques. Agroforestry is the smart integration of trees into farming systems. Unlike full-sun fields, which further contribute to the degradation of ecosystems, agroforestry is a way to preserve productive ecosystems whilst adapting to climate change.

Different agroforestry models with trees integrated in the perimeter of fields, intercropped, or at landscape level will deliver a mix of various ecosystem services for the farmers we work with. For example, the replanting of trees can increase soil retention, improve water quality and encourage income
diversity. What's more, planting in this way can also improve crop quality.


We have also started a new project with Pur Projet, planting mangroves. Mangroves are salt-tolerant trees that can be found at the intersection between the land and the sea in intertropical zones. Unfortunately, mangroves are rapidly disappearing, with an estimated 1/3 being lost over the last 50 years. This is due to coastal development, pollution, land use conversion (aquaculture or agriculture), infrastructure and natural disasters.

Mangroves provide a host of different benefits, making them a paramount element within several ecosystems. Not only do they provide crucial habitats and are a food source for a large variety of fish. They also help maintain the optimal level of salt in seawater, protect the coast and beaches from flooding and erosion; and aid carbon sequestration.

Our Community

All Pur Projet regeneration projects are designed by and for the local communities. Both agroforestry and mangrove planting can provide revenues to those involved, empowering local communities to operate long-term socio-environmental projects.

We're reducing our plastic

We only use paper cups and vegware spoons for our sampling events!

We have made good progress on our journey to make sure all our plastic packaging is fully recyclable and all of our carboard is made from recycled materials and FSC certified sources.

No Monkey Business

We want to assure our customers that we never used monkeys in our supply chain.

We would never source coconuts from farms that use monkeys, and we are proud to have a strict supplier vetting process in place, with a strong emphasis on animal welfare.

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